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Standing Committees are constitutionally charged. They are permanent, recommend policy, monitor practice and provide direction in their charged area of function within the Chapter.


 Responsible for developing and distributing information to the local chapter and for the purpose of public relations, including monthly newsletter to the membership, website management and social media strategy.

Community Affairs 

Responsible for studying local and national issues which affect the Black community, and make specific recommendations to the local chapter as to what action the Association should take in regard to each issue. The-Committee will specifically address such problems as substance abuse, mental health, neighborhood services, health, aging, employment, homelessness, and community activism.


Responsible for providing access to professional training, workshops, and continuing education programs for the membership.


Responsible for maintaining a list of available professional employment opportunities and resources in social work and human services in the Greater Boston area and sharing with the Chapter.


The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for developing fundraising plans.


Responsible for preserving the history of the chapter through archiving documents, writing our history, recording oral histories and managing our information.  The committee is also know as "The Paper Party."


Responsible for recruitment, new chapter development, and maintaining chapter membership rosters.

Special Events

Responsible for organizing and sponsoring networking events and fundraisers and collaborating with other organizations; Annual Kwanzaa celebration, MLK Breakfast, Malcolm X Breakfast, and bi-annual Sankofa event

Student Affairs

 Responsible for establishing ties and relations with the Schools of Social Work. The Committee shall develop, plan, and implement those programs geared toward providing scholarships to Black students, mentorship, and providing professional development opportunities.

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